Advantages and Inspiring Photos of Capsule Cabinets You Should Be Having Right Now

How many pieces of clothing do you really need? Have you ever stopped to think about it? If you are transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle, you have probably already thought about it and the answer to that question is a capsule cabinet.

A capsule cabinet is a cry for freedom in the face of consumerist appeals and as its name suggests, the capsule cabinet is a compact version of a traditional wardrobe. The concept was created by the designer Susie Faux in the 70s, but it only became known shortly afterward, in 1985, when the designer Donna Karan gave life to a collection of only seven pieces.

According to Susie Faux, a capsule cabinet is one that manages to express its owner’s style and personality combined with wild, basic, and timeless pieces that can be freely combined with each other. But let it be very clear here: this does not mean that the capsule cabinet is a collection of unsightly pieces, on the contrary, you will prove this throughout this post.

The important thing when creating a capsule cabinet is to understand its true purpose and meaning because it should not be seen as a passing fad but as one of the foundations of a minimalist life, which, among other things, preaches a life focused on conscious consumption and sustainable.

How to assemble a capsule cabinet

Just like in the minimalist lifestyle, the capsule cabinet does not dictate specific rules, but some tips help to make this transition more smooth and functional, so we have listed below everything you need to know before entering this concept, follow:

Know your style

First of all, it is very important to know the style you adopt in your daily life. That is, you need to think about what type of clothing your head makes. Are they the most classic? The fashion ones? A hippie style? Or maybe that unique and original way?

All styles fit inside a capsule cabinet, you just need to define which one, so you avoid storing clothes that do not match your preferences. One way to do this is by carefully observing the clothes you wear most and those that never leave your closet, to help you in this step count on the help of the photos taken over the last year, they are a good indication.

It is also important to reflect on your daily habits. Do you work out? Do you practice any sport? Do you go to parties and events often? Write it all down, this information will help you to guide the real needs of your capsule cabinet, after all, why do you need so many pieces if you don’t even work outside? Or why do so many jumps if you don’t go to environments suitable for them?

Choose a color palette

A minimalist wardrobe does not have to be black and white, on the contrary, it can and must-have colors and prints, but in an intelligent and functional way, otherwise, the combinations will not work. Therefore, the tip here is to choose a color palette for your closet. Reflect on the colors you most like to use and how they can combine.

Advantages of the capsule cabinet


The practicality of dressing when you have a capsule cabinet is unbelievable. You no longer stand in front of the wardrobe, after all, you know exactly what you have and what goes with what.


A capsule cupboard is good for your financial health since you become more aware of consumption habits and start to reflect better before making a purchase, giving good relief in the budget. A tip: take advantage of this money that you will stop spending on clothes to do things that really have value, such as trips and tours.


One of the coolest things about having a capsule cabinet is the concept of sustainability that it brings. Think about how many natural resources are spent to produce a single piece of clothing.


A capsule cabinet is also super democratic and can be used by all types of people. It is possible to mount a female capsule cabinet, a male capsule cabinet, or a children’s capsule cabinet, for example. Everyone in the family will be able to share this minimalist concept.

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