16 Captivating Open Closet Designs To Enhance Your Small Living Space

Although the most of the people dream for a spacious walk in closet, or a wardrobe, for many such a scenario is not possible because of the lack of space. But there are practical and attractive solutions on the market that will allow you to have a well-organized closet in your small space. It’s about open closets, which is also a closet but without a door, and it does not clog the space and creates the impression of a walk in closet.

Another advantage of such closet systems is the ability to adapt to different spaces as well as a personalized way of stacking, depending on your needs, the quantity and type of clothing you have, and the like. The idea for the open closet is to arrange your things into some space, in a way that they will become attractive and interesting to show. Plan ahead, get rid of things you will never wear, measure space to see what will fit into your open closet and choose your favorite design. When choosing lighting for the closet, select those lighting fixtures that will be sufficiently functional and will not be heated, so as not to damage the clothes by heat or accidentally cause a fire. See some interesting solutions and you might find idea for your home!




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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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