Adopt The Ultimate Essentials For a Rattan Bedroom

Impossible for him to lose his lustre. Despite its very advanced age, rattan continues to invest the rooms of the house with unequalled grace. One of them in particular seems charmed by her illustrious aura, certainly luminous and natural. If the living room appreciates its highly bohemian character, the bedroom thus remains a privileged space to display it as it pleases. The naturally warm physiognomy of this emblematic material of the 60s and 70s gives it the possibility of inviting itself into many decorative styles likely to sublimate the sleeping area. And to tell the truth, especially the most fashionable ones…

What rattan furniture for a pretty bedroom?

With the return to the forefront of the decorative scene of a string of styles with a retro character, bohemian and the seventies in mind, rattan could only come back to haunt modern bedrooms.

While some bedrooms are betting on the copy-and-paste of the 70s bedroom with an assumed total rattan look, others prefer to use it sparingly. Among the multitude of rattan pieces capable of investing the bedroom, the rattan headboard remains a bestseller. By its size and its location necessarily, this element announces the tone of the place. 100% rattan version or with a cane part, there are many models. It can (or not) be associated with a small rattan bedside table, especially for rooms in phase with the total look.

For bohemian bedrooms that seek to combine rattan and wood, for example, we prefer the option of rattan pendant lamps and table lamps. Decorative essentials for a room with bohemian pretensions. Another accessory not to be forgotten to perfect such places: is the rattan mirror. Impossible to miss this timeless retro style embodied by the rattan sun mirror capable of sublimating the wall above the bed or the one above a chest of drawers. Rattan and wood chest of drawers also has the gift of outdoing the retro spirit brilliantly. Small and chic, this type of storage is particularly popular in the baby’s room than that adults. The adult bedroom can afford other highly desirable rattan furniture to reinforce a feeling of comfort: a reading corner with a beautiful rattan armchair, for example when the room is large enough or why not, a rattan desk for a telecommuting space that will not harm the desired style of the bedroom.

The proof in pictures with rattan essentials for the bedroom:











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