Add Warmth In The Space With The Use Of Wooden Doors

If you want to refresh your interior, except for a few details, the new color of the walls or a new piece of furniture, you can change the appearance of the door. The door is an integral part of almost every room and its change sure will bring a breath of freshness in space. Doors can be painted in one color or a combination of colors, can be with interesting patterns or with glass parts.

Doors and windows are most commonly made from synthetic materials. The most used are PVC doors and PVC windows. They have good insulating properties. For those with big financial status, there are classic wooden doors and wooden windows. Advantages of PVC windows and doors are that they should not to be maintained (paint), while wooden windows and doors, every few years need to be refreshed. Beside that, wooden doors are a step further that the other kinds of doors. They can add warmth and pleasant feel to every space. No matter if you are looking for internal or entrance door, wood is always good choice. See below some examples and you will see some beautiful designs of wooden doors!


Image via Marion Brenner


Image via Shaun Cammack


Image via Andrew Snow Photography


Image via Jim Bartsch


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