A Pink Ceiling In The Living Room Is The Perfect Decor

Sometimes bold choices are the most successful. The proof with the living room, which stands out from what we usually see thanks to its pink ceiling !

Pink is a soft and intoxicating hue, which adapts easily to decoration. In this Scandinavian interior, painting the ceiling pink is already a very daring choice. But we quickly see that this color is a common thread since it is found on several decorative elements, and in various shades, each more beautiful than the next.

Above the gray sofa, a large round copper-colored mirror occupies the wall. The fact that it reflects the room in warmer tones makes all the difference. Around the table, the Beetle chairs from Gubi have a very delicate powder pink finish. The linen curtains were also chosen in very light pink.

As for the ceiling, it is adorned with an old rose which draws slightly on the gray, for a soft and soothing side, just like the Berber-style carpet.

3 good reasons to adopt a pink ceiling

  1. First of all, because it is out of the ordinary. But also because it’s delicate and feminine!
  2. Because it can give character to the room, especially if it is not very bright. Indeed, bringing a touch of color to the ceiling can give a whole different atmosphere to the room.
  3. Finally, because it brings out the white, but also the black! And combined with golden decorative elements, it sleeps a really stylish whole.








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