A Montessori Room For The Little Ones

The Montessori room is divided into 4 very distinct areas: sleep, wakefulness, clothing, and care. For each of these points, furniture has been designed to meet the expectations and needs of children for autonomy, from an early age.

With its sleek design in white and light wood and its pretty curves, this collection will inspire both children and their parents.

The Montessori low bed

Ideal for promoting independence, the Montessori low bed will transform the bedtime ritual. Indeed, the child will be able to tame his bed at any time of the day, whether for a little quiet time, reading, or a little game. The bed thus becomes a space in its own right! With its sleek design and lines inspired by nature, it will appeal to young and old alike!

The wardrobe

Children like to choose their clothes and dress alone. Thanks to this wardrobe, you can provide him with some clothes so that he can do like the grown-ups. We love the built-in mirror so that it can be admired!

Storage shelf

So that the little ones can learn to tidy up, they need suitable furniture. This shelf completely is, since it is at the perfect height so that they can access everything without danger.

The library

Just like the shelf, the library is designed to be close to the ground and is very fun. Indeed, it has 4 shelves which allow the cover books to be placed in front of the child, which allows him to make his choice all alone like a grown-up!

The table and the chairs

To encourage activities, nothing beats a suitable table. This one is equipped with a reversible plate: white on one side for the awakening; and black on the other to delimit the workspace. In addition, a double bottom allows you to store your small things!

The floor mirror

Babies like to look at themselves in mirrors: it allows them to discover themselves and apprehend the world around them. Thanks to the grab bar, they will be able to learn to stand up in complete safety.

The bathroom cabinet and the changing table

These two pieces of furniture are perfect for promoting self-care. So, grooming becomes child’s play!


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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