Montessori Bed: Inspirations to Insert the Furniture in the Decoration

The Montessori style has become a trend in the latest decorative projects for the children’s room. Its objective is to work on independence and knowledge in the early years of the small with simple artifacts of furniture ergonomics. And the Montessori bed is the main element in this proposal! This won the hearts of future parents who can sleep peacefully without worrying about their children’s safety throughout the night.

The Montessori bed is a piece of furniture adapted for children with very striking characteristics, such as:

  • Minimum dimensions to suit child size;
  • Positioned close to the ground, so its base is low;
  • Animated formats, such as houses and huts;
  • Playful ornaments that pique the child’s curiosity;
  • And finally, accessories like bookshelves and toys attached to the bed.

Over time, it is possible to feel the difference of a crib or a traditional bed with this replacement. Little by little the child explores his Montessori room with the things that are at his fingertips, such as getting out of bed without the help of his parents or picking up an accessory at any time he wishes.

Promoting autonomy from an early age is essential for a child’s education! So look for information and see what is the best way to stimulate this learning. To get inspired, we separated different and creative models of Montessori bedding to get out of the ordinary:











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