A Kitchen Upgrade, To Upgrade Your Lifestyle!

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Adding life to your kitchen is so important as it is a communal area that is often used. If you want to improve the look and feel of it then a few changes need to be made. So what can be changed? It doesn’t need a massive overhaul, there are plenty of interior tricks that will give your kitchen a makeover without the heavy cash output. Let’s see how.

Add some character

Add some colours and new textures that you haven’t used already. For example, a bright, brightly colored rug, such as a green or a blue can enhance plain cream tiles or wooden floors.  Most kitchens are painted and have cabinets in earthy tones, such as browns and greys. Therefore, a brighter rug, such as an orange could really make the space stand out and gain character.  Whilst we are on the subject of character – it would be very impressive to utilise paint also. If you prefer to change the cabinets and not the flooring, then you can add a change to your cabinets. Choosing deep blues and greens often give the kitchen an earthy feel, with a traditional slant. Do not worry if you can not paint them because you live in a rented house, there are other options, such as impressive stickers on them. There are plenty of patterns to choose including marble textures and others.

Add great furniture! The furniture in the kitchen is going to really improve the look and feel too. If you want a breakfast bar, then why not opt for some stools that will give it still and substance. You may want to look at Industrial Bar Stools, these look very chic in a kitchen and add a different feel.

Add rows of shelving – Shelves are a fairly economical solution to change your kitchen. It can also replace old cabinets. A kitchen in which the dishes themselves and the glasses on the shelves are considered decorative elements is a completely fresh look and reminiscent of an old country house. Decorate your shelves with original pots. Put different herbs in cups and make your own garden with fresh herbs. Cut a wooden shelf to the width of your sink. Screw on both ends and create an original shelf that will add style!

Tile it! – If you want to completely renew the kitchen tiles, it is good to remember that you do not need to remove them. You can buy a special primer (it is a coating that is applied directly to the surface we want to paint, before applying the final paint). Apply the primer and let it dry for 24 hours and then apply them with any new tile. It also acts as insulation.

Photo: Unsplash

The furniture inside the kitchen – If you have a table in the kitchen stuck to the wall due to limited space, emphasize it to look stylish and not cramped. Paint a vertical strip from the ceiling to the floor with a darker color and place horizontal shelves. Immediately, the painted wall feels modern and the table looks like it is part of the decorative composition.  If you have an older refrigerator and you do not like its appearance you can very cheaply make it look very stylish and expensive. You can order a sticker for it, yes that’s right, they do exist. Stick it yourself and peel it whenever you want; you could change it every few weeks if you like!

Change handles from drawers and cupboards – A very simple and quick way to make your kitchen look different is to change the handles of your drawers and cupboards . Take a walk in the shops and get inspiration from what they are using. Pick some handles of your choice, whether that’s a diamond style or gold. Improvise and choose the ones you think will complement your colour scheme the most. If you are eccentric you can even make very drastic changes and choose, for example, the most beautiful floral handles to renew your own kitchen and make it feel like an old English kitchen.

The fun gadgets – Making your space more functional will add to its value. It is a fun way to make life easier when you’re in the kitchen. Why not just an egg separator next time you’re baking in the kitchen! The Pluck is a handy tool designed to separate egg yolks from egg whites. With the help of a suction tube, you can easily separate the two members of the egg. So funky, right!

Saving space

If you have little to no space then you will want to create something that feels bigger. It’s important to declutter your kitchen to get the most out of it. Find a box and put in all the unwanted things you think you are not using inside. Put the box somewhere or in your garage or attic. If you see that within 6 months you have not needed any of these things, then it’s time to chuck them or give them to charity.  Some quick tips to help you with decluttering are:

  1. Declutter your shelves.
  2. Hide the cords for more floor space.
  3. Find alternatives to bedside tables.
  4. Hang your pans to save space and time and make it more efficient.
  5. Opt for furniture that is two-in-one such as a washer/dryer.
  6. Keep toys in order and have boxes for each style.
  7. Organise the pantry and keep food at a minimum which will also reduce waste.
  8. Find some great shelving!

It really doesn’t have to be difficult to upgrade your kitchen and it makes the world of difference to its functionality as well as its market price. If you don’t have this luxury to spend a lot of money then the small improvements are just as important. It’s important to improve your lifestyle at home to ensure that everything is in good working order, it saves time and money in the long run! So once you have mastered the inside, you know what is next – your outdoor kitchen!


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