9 trends That Are “out” This Spring and What’s IN at The Moment

When spring knocks on our door it’s usually welcomed with all that seasonal grip and allergies. But do we really need to think of that when we say the word spring? Absolutely not, and here is another reason to beat the first one. We are officially entering the dreaded transitional period and the following weeks will be the”hardest” to make seasonal decor shift.

We listened to some advice from the leading interior designers on the decor trends that are “out” this spring and we will now reveal the ones they endorse. Get your napkins and be ready to bid farewell to rose gold and macrame light fixtures, and say hello to matte black floor lamps and textured wallpapers instead.

Here are the expert-approved spring trends you really need to do!

Trend to Ditch – Macrame

Photo Credit | Retro Den

Trend to try instead – Colorful art

Photo Credit | Flickr

Out there you can find so many incredible artists at very accessible pricing so always choose art. First of all, art is the most personal aspect of the design so get something that you love and have it in your household forever.

Trend to Ditch – Rose Gold

Photo Credit | Amazon

Trend to Try Instead – Matte Black Light Fixtures

This one you can potentially keep forever! The matte black is classic and elegant, which never goes out of style.

Photo Credit | Urban Outfitters

Trend to Ditch – Gallery Walls

Photo Credit | Foxy Oxie

Trend to Try Instead – Tonal Artwork

Photo Credit | Pinterest

This is the perfect way how to bring just enough interest to the room without being overwhelmed! The tone-on-tone artwork can create understated beautiful moment in your space.

Trend to Ditch – Pastels

Photo Credit | Modish Space

Trend to Try Instead – Stone Accents

Photo Credit | MSI Surfaces


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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