9 Spectacular Ideas of Sofa Models for Your Living Room

A room without a sofa and like a room without a bed. Without it, you are lost and the environment is empty. The aesthetic and functional importance of furniture cannot be denied. But before you go out there and buy the first sofa model that appears, read this post carefully.

We have separated tips that will help you to define the ideal sofa model to meet all your expectations, in addition, of course, images to inspire you in the decoration of the room. Check out:


Set the color of your sofa according to the style you want to print in the room. Beware of very strong and vibrant colors, you can get tired of the decoration in a short time after all the sofa is a big piece of furniture and you will look at it every day.

Neutral colors like gray, white, and beige are wild in the decor and tend to match any style. So there is plenty of space to abuse colors in other objects, such as cushions or cottages.


There is no use having a sofa if it is not comfortable. So, before buying yours, reflect on how it will be used and what the family’s habits are. If in your home the sofa is practically a bed, then opt for models with loose pillows and soft fabrics.

Also, notice the measurements of the sofa in relation to the height of the residents of the house. Sofas that are too low for tall people are uncomfortable. The opposite is also true.


The measurements of your sofa in relation to the size of the room are the main point that needs to be evaluated before buying the furniture. Currently, there are several models of sofas for sale and, for sure, there is one that will perfectly fit your room.

We have gathered below the main sofa models and their main features to help you decide which one to buy. Follow:

Sofa models with chaise

The sofa with chaise is one that has one of the most elongated corners. Much like the “L” or corner sofa, this model differs in that it does not have a backrest on the chaise.

A sofa with chaise requires a slightly larger room since the chaise takes up more space and is not retractable. However, it is a good option for those who want to invest in a smaller sofa, but that offers a little more comfort than a traditional sofa.

See below different models of sofas :











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