9 Soft And Dreamy Wallpapers For Women’s Room

When it comes to wallpaper for women’s bedrooms, ideas go far beyond the classic pink.

Stripes, geometric figures, contrasting colors, and 3D images are the highlights of the moment for the current models of female wallpaper. The flowers didn’t die, okay? But they gained a touch of modernity and boldness, completely leaving that sugary pattern of yesteryear.

Keep following the post to discover ideas and tips on how to use women’s bedroom wallpaper:

Wallpaper for women’s room: tips for choosing

Room style

First thing: analyze the style of the room before deciding which girly wallpaper you’re going to buy. There are currently on the market a huge range of wallpaper options and each one of them fits a different type of decoration. A modern bedroom, for example, needs wallpaper that matches the same aesthetic standard. The same goes for the other styles.

So take this tip in your heart.

Resident’s personality and age

The wallpaper for women’s bedrooms will have great visual importance in the environment, being, most likely, one of the highlights. Therefore, it is important that in addition to the style of the room, this element also reflects the personality of those who live there. This means paying attention to personal tastes, hobbies, lifestyle, and, of course, age.

A female nursery wallpaper is quite different from a juvenile female bedroom wallpaper. In the first case, you can bet on small prints with playful and soft colors. In the second case, the option will probably be for a wallpaper template that reflects the resident’s personal tastes, such as music, art, or fashion, for example.


Defined style and tastes, you should now think about the color palette, not only for the wallpaper but for the room as a whole. Women’s bedroom wallpaper needs to harmonize with the decorative elements, including bedding, carpet, curtain, and furniture color.

Colors also provoke sensations. So, if the intention is to create a soft and relaxing environment, ideal for baby rooms, for example, the tip is to apply wallpaper with a neutral and light background printed with delicate colors, such as pastel yellow, lavender or tea rose. But in a teenager’s bedroom, this color palette might not work very well. If the girl likes music, maybe the best option is to choose a wallpaper with colors that bring personality and style, such as pink and black.

A more adult female bedroom, in turn, can fit better with neutral, sober, and sophisticated colors, such as Off White.


As well as the colors, the choice of prints helps reveal personality and strengthen a style. Geometric prints are closely associated with modern women’s rooms, while floral prints are more sought after by romantic women. Stripes, dots, and other classic prints are common in elegant, sophisticated ladies’ rooms.

The size of the prints is another important detail. For those who want a little more daring, large and well-marked prints are great options. If the intention is to stay in the field of neutrality, prefer smaller and more delicate prints. Also, note the relationship between the background color and the print color. The higher the contrast, the more modern the wallpaper.


No rule determines whether women’s bedroom wallpaper should be applied to just one wall or all.

That’s up to you, based on the style you want to give to the room. But one thing is certain: if the wallpaper has strong prints and colors, the best option is to use it on only one wall so as not to visually overload the environment. If you want to cover all the walls without fear of making mistakes, bet on a neutral and discreet female bedroom wallpaper.

Check out the following 9 ideas for women’s bedroom wallpaper below and get inspired to bring this decorative element to your bedroom as well.











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