7 Ways to Add Personality to Your Kitchen

As one of the most popular places in the house, its unfortunate that a kitchen does not give you a lot of design options if you are out to make it look more personal. Not with things like countertops, appliances, and certain types of furniture dictating its appearance. But there is still something you can do to infuse some personality into your kitchen.

And you can do this at any stage in your kitchen’s design. So, it is never too late to make your kitchen look personal.

1. Put Up Some Artworks

There are people who strongly believe that art belongs in every other room in the house except the kitchen. Nothing could be further from the truth. On the upside, if you know that art can change the look of your kitchen, then you are one of the few who can add quite a bit of style and personality to your kitchen by putting up some artworks. You can use art to make the kitchen more in tune with the design style used in other rooms of the house, especially when the art blends in well with the style of the fixtures and appliances in the kitchen.

2. Add a Pull Down Faucet

It may not take up much space, but a kitchen faucet occupies a unique position that makes it an important design piece in any kitchen. At the moment, there are plenty of faucet designs in the market, some of which will give your kitchen a pretty unique look. But of all these options, have you considered using a pull down faucet? Not many kitchens have them, which means that having the best pull-down kitchen faucet will help your kitchen stand out in one of the most brilliant of ways.

3. Upgrade the Lighting

The way lighting installations are designed into kitchens is pretty common for these important rooms in the house. In most cases, a kitchen will have integrated spotlights and task lighting. But you are not stuck with these options alone. You can also use decorative table lamps that will add a unique appeal to your kitchen.

4. Creative Painting

Paint can do wonders to your kitchen when your desire is to create a unique style that gives it some personality. You just have to get a little creative and use brilliant back splashes, even on things like cabinets. Done right, an imaginative paint job can make your kitchen look both exciting and unique.

5. Get a Copper Sink

The average kitchen sink is not made of copper. However, this material is still pretty good and it adds some unique an easily noticeable style to your kitchen. A copper sink can add a bit of class to your kitchen as well, since the best kitchen sinks on the market today are made of this material. The fact that copper is considered a vintage sink making material works in its favor among people seeking to make their kitchens look more unique.

6. Use Soft Stainless Steel

There is typically a lot of steel in a average kitchen. That makes it look quite common. Another problem with this material is that it usually looks commercial, which does not make it very good at creating a unique and personal design appeal. But there is a way to overcome these challenges by using softened stainless steel. This type of stainless steel is much neater, and it blends better with the rest of the kitchen to create an personal and upgraded look.

7. Get New Handle Styles

In most kitchens, most handles are made of wood and metal. Ceramic handles are quite popular as well. But these are not your only choices, especially if you want to have a kitchen with a unique design appeal. Nowadays, you can use leather strap handles, which, by the way, work quite well with wooden furniture and installations. What makes these handles so unique is that they truly stand out, and that is certain to give your kitchen some personality.


Most kitchens look bland and functional. However, if you want this room in the house to look unique and personal, there is quite a bit you can do about it. Above are some design options you can try to make this happen.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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