7 Teen Rooms Decorated to Inspire You

A teenager’s room is no longer considered a child’s room and cannot be thought of as an adult’s room either. Usually young people in this phase usually use the room as a refuge, so the decoration must have their personality, also considering their activities. Check out some tips to make this decoration now:

Tips for decorating a teenager’s room

  • To start the execution of the project it is necessary to keep in mind the basic items: bed, closet, and a place for the study. What helps to increase the space are the elements that emphasize the adolescent’s taste, for example, a corner to receive friends with ottomans.
  • Including practical and functional furniture is a good idea for young people who have a hectic routine. The multipurpose pieces work very well in this situation, for example low beds with futons, bed support that hides a desk, furniture with wheels, chests to store objects, and others.
  • Color is an important item that must be thought of to decorate the room. The young person’s preference must be present, however, the choice of very strong tones can take away the tranquility of the space. Therefore, if you want a colorful room, the idea is to choose a neutral base (gray, beige, white, and black) with some decorative items in your favorite colors.
  • A nightstand can be replaced by a side table that surrounds the bed, this saves space and already leaves a different detail in the room. Objects like armchairs, pictures, vases, and niches are easy to change, so they can be very colorful, if you get sick, just change!
  • The room can also receive pictures in frames or large panels with thematic images from the world of the teenager. If you want something more cheerful, use graffiti, stickers, panels, and pictures on just one wall of the room.

Want to know more? To help with your visualization, we’ve selected 7 inspirations from youth and teenagers’ rooms that you can get inspired to add ideas to your own decorating project:









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