7 Reasons To Make Your Home a Little Greener

The whole discourse on whether we should adapt our homes to be environmental and to modify our consumption habits so that it is responsible, sometimes generates controversy and causes opinions to be confronted. In our effort to shed some clarity, we’re going to show you some eco-intelligent reasons why you should turn your home into a little greener.

We think that there is no reason not to green our house, other than the cost or the associated investment to carry out some of the necessary reforms. But if we get the way to finance these changes, there are no important barriers that prevent it.

Do we start with these reasons? Here they go:

Increase the value of your house

Although the initial investment may come to intimidate us, we must bear in mind how this will affect the valuation of our home. Although we think we are spending that money that costs us so much to gain in something of dubious value, think that in the worst case the investment cannot be as bad as other types of purchases, such as buying a pleasure boat.

Think of this activity as an investment instead of as an expense. We use the money to update an asset, obviously our beautiful home, which will make it more attractive to other people in case we are interested in selling it. At that time, it is very likely that we recovered more than the investment.

Breathe air of better quality

Do you like the smell of a new house? It’s like the smell of a brand new, unique car. But, did you know that the air inside a new house is 10 times more toxic than the air outside?

Building an ecological home made of recycled materials, we will not have this problem (or it will be less), as if we would have to build a conventional house without having a sustainable design account.

Do not you want to breathe better inside your home? Get to work!

Durable home

Perhaps you do not know that homes built in a sustainable way are designed to last much longer than conventional homes. Among other issues, what is known as programmed obsolescence is fought.

For example, recycled plastic roofs normally last 5 times longer than a typical wooden roof. In addition, it also requires less maintenance as compared to wood, since it requires keeping it in good condition to fulfill its mission. It seems that we all win with these eco-intelligent materials from recycling!

Save (a lot) money

This is the definitive argument, when we talk about sustainable housing. Although the initial investment in the property may be somewhat higher compared to a conventional home, insurance that the investment will return benefits, both in the form of savings, and in the aforementioned increase in value of your home.

Depending on where we focus the focus of eco-efficiency (energy, water, waste management …), we will reduce expenses and even value waste that we previously did not take advantage of. With benefits of this kind, you will soon be paying your green investment with them.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

When you finally have your home ecological you would have used a lot of resources from reuse and recycling, since otherwise you would have used new materials that are not as respectful with the environment. Although it is very difficult not to use new materials, at least you have reduced their use.

Being part of the eco-intelligent movement means living a life that respects the environment, even when you change your home. And precisely build your home with materials that take into account the 3 r’s is a good step in that direction. However, and to our disgrace, most of the new constructions usually use conventional materials that are not very respectful with the environment.

Depends less on others

With a house based on sustainable design, and depending on what your DIY plans are (Do It Yourself) when you build it, it will allow you in a certain way to depend less on others.

Being able to generate our own electricity, have our own water supply, or generate heat to heat our home, is a powerful advantage that can make us self-sufficient and not dependent on external supply networks.

While the rest of your neighbors can be left without light if a cut occurs, in your case you can remain oblivious to these incidents by self-consuming your own electricity. The future is on this line, although the big energy companies are committed to put obstacles to these sustainable practices.

Feel that you lead a better life

Are you surprised by this argument? At the moment you will remember the day you made the decision to turn your home into a home that respects the environment, you will feel proud how the small practices and habits of you day to day collaborate with the conservation of our Planet.

You will be an ambassador of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that will gradually be imposed on our consumer society. You will be immersed in the culture of sustainability.


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Author: Maja Markovski

Maja Markovski

A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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