7 Living Room Design Ideas for a Luxurious Look

When it comes to revamping the home the living room takes the highlight spot, while the bathroom and the kitchen take priority when it comes to renovations. You know the first rule when it comes to re-decorating, right? The space should reflect your personal taste! Yes, it’s a rule. But what happens when your champagne style is at odds with your canned-beer budget? That’s the reason why we are here, at first place. Our job is not letting your finances get in the way of your imagined stylish space, so we have come up with some living room design ideas, for your budget-limited space.

But, before we take you on a tour you should consider couple of things first. Start with – What is your design goal? What pieces can you keep, and what needs to be replaced?How much room do you have to work with? How will the space be used? So, to get you started we have some key tips for your luxurious living room and her timeless look, of course that only seem expensive.

Large-Scale Art

Image Credit | Jenna Peffley

By creating a focal point you can give your space that WOW factor just by hanging oversize piece of art! Your living room walls will be very thankful for this, trust us. Jut by adding this art the look will get so chic and will have a high impact just withΒ  little hassle. When decorating on a budget you need to be careful with picking the pieces at reasonable prices, or even better if you are creative one then make our own piece of art.

Simplify Your Styling

Image Credit | Alyssa Rosenheck

First let us give you an advice on the over-accessorized and cluttered living rooms. They only look messy and disorganized. So, it’s not a trend, and we think that it never will be. Your living room should look chic and sophisticated. Retain the pieces that are only with sentimental value to you. The rest will do the simplified space that will enable the remaining elements to really shine and keep you on a budget.

Camouflage your TV

Image Credit | Amy Bartlam

Imagine the sophisticated look that you created for your living room and then suddenly you catch the huge black TV placed front and center lurking you. Of course, it brings down the feeling of the luxe space you want. What can you do about it? You can visually minimize the presence of your screen by creating a gallery wall or salon-style art arrangement around it. We are aware that it won’t entirely dissapear, the frame of the television will blend in with the other artwork and will distract the eye.

Interesting Textile

Image Credit | Jenna Peffley

You can achieve this look by giving your living room a custom look by using vintage or antique textiles. Throw pillows or cover small pieces like seat cushions will do the work, also you can use upholstered stools. All those unusual fabrics will give your room the needed unique element and will definitely personalize your space.

Incorporate a Sculptural Item

Image Credit | Genevieve Garruppo

You can do something to prevent your room to become a sea of straight lines and circular forms by adding an interesting shape of silhouette. Also a tree-root coffee table or unusual side chair will feel like a piece of art because of its artistic components.

Piece With History

Image Credit | Alyssa Rosenheck

Feel free to give your space a sense of wisdom and incorporate a piece with some patina and age to it. You are questioning yourself what will do the trick? – Well anything from a mirror to a small side table or accessory, and the older the better. All you have to do now is just to keep your eyes wide open for affordable finds to stay on your given budget.

Mix of Textures in Decor

Image Credit | Pinterest

For the luxe look you can try and mix metals, wood, glass, textiles, and leather items to create a dynamic and inviting space. Every piece should be carefully selected so it can fit your budget, then let your room come together in a very natural way.


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