6 Ways To Bring Design Into Your Living Room

Design. The word is on everyone’s lips for interior design enthusiasts. Everyone is looking for the design piece that will hit the mark in the living room or the set of elements that will create with exemplary rigor this atmosphere so sought after and fantasized for its highly worked character. Less conformist than the Scandinavian living room, more original than the contemporary living room, the design living room seduces with its many possibilities and interpretations. Minimalist or exuberant, boldly colored or demanding monochrome, slender curves or tenfold roundness, this living room with carefully chosen pieces implicitly tells of a pronounced taste for avant-garde pieces and a talent for composing a decor that is out of fashion. Pieces from renowned designers, distinctive colors, flashy materials, and original decorative objects: here are 6 design living rooms that are not lacking in style and are just waiting to be copied.

1. A design living room with beige shades

Spacious and joyful, this large living room with attractive dimensions plays the card of distilled luxury with delicacy. This setting in timeless beige tones uses a light palette to bring out from its demanding picture emblematic design pieces or the minimalist, but no less flashy, coffee tables. The materials present occupy a major role in this large living room, such as the brass structure of the glass roof which subtly echoes the airy coffee tables. Exemplary without a doubt!

2. A blue and green design living room

This living room may well combine classic architectural details, moldings, and a marble fireplace as a priority, but it does not hesitate to list pieces with a demanding design to create a refreshing contrast.

3. A design living room that mixes materials

In this cleverly designed two-room apartment on two levels, the small living room dodges the problems of small dimensions to design a cocoon space with mastered rooms. Here, it is the shapes that set the tone: graphic carpet, round coffee tables with designer legs, straight bench, and round cushions. The minimalist aesthetic employed does not prevent the rooms with a character from writing a space off the beaten track.

4. A black design living room with cult design armchairs

Graphic and chic, this designer lounge affirms its precise sense of the dualities likely to give rise to a highly designer decor. The rounded shape of the design armchairs sitting here contrasts with the horizontal structure of the custom-made bookcases. Ditto for the rejuvenating shades of the gray and blue seats that clash in this room with the black wall. Enlightened decorative choices for a unique design living room.

5. A design living room with Italian accents as we like them

Irresistible, this show of exemplary dimensions offers highly attractive and necessarily transalpine assets. Pipistrello lamp stored on the floor, velvet cushions, metal coffee table, and leather sofa for a completely Italian-disco atmosphere daily: this living room reaffirms the powerful timelessness of the seventies in terms of design.

6. A white living room with designer pieces

Renovated by the duo of London architects formed by Alex Michaelis and Tim Boyd, the living room of this London house brilliantly combines Victorian architecture and very designer pieces. The radical shape of the Rietveld Utrecht armchairs, coffee table brilliantly awaken the aesthetic wisdom of this living room with a pretty high ceiling. Proof that design and classicism can complement each other with talent. 


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