18 Marvelous Modern Living Room Designs That Will Make You Drool

We’ve all come to appreciate the stunning simplicity of the modern style. When you look at a modern living room you don’t see mess, you don’t see clutter. But do you really see any of these things in living rooms designed in a different style? Most likely not, but the way they are designed usually makes them look too busy and in turn, we feel as if they’re cluttered. There’s none of that in the modern style.

This type of interior design style is perfect for those that appreciate minimalism without sacrificing functionality, in fact, putting an emphasis on functionality. If you fall into this category, then you’re definitely going to enjoy this new compilation of interiors featuring 18 Marvelous Modern Living Room Designs That Will Make You Drool. Take a few moments to explore these wonderful designs and you’re going to come across many ideas. And if you feel like you need to see more of this style, make sure to check out the rest of the collections of our ongoing showcase featuring designs of the modern kitchenbathroom, powder room and bedroom. Enjoy!

1. Vertes Retreat

2. Modern Water View

3. Chevalllum Residence

4. Cole Valley Residence

5. Modern Living Room

6. Eliza House

7. Glasswing House

8. Hidden House

9. Modernist Treehouse

10. Silver Summit

11. Inverse House

12. Modern Living Room

13. Kiama House

14. Japanese-Inspired Modern Family Home in Vancouver

15. Bendigo Residence

16. Minimal Sublime

17. Luxury Living

18. Night & Day House


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