6 Tips on How to Improve Your Interior Design

The design and atmosphere of our home can impact our mood drastically. That’s why redecorating and making some changes might also help your mental well-being. The cozier the better, and of course, all you need is to follow these simple and easy pieces of advice to make your home your little resting oasis.

Start from the walls

The first place to start might be the color of your walls. A proper paint job will do the trick and will give your home a complete makeover. Psychologically, different colors can affect your mood and spirit. Red is often recommended for living rooms, entryways, and places where people are stimulated to engage in discussions or leave a strong first impression.

Yellow is associated with warmth and a nostalgic feeling of home. Yellow would perfectly go in the kitchen or dining area.

Blue and different shades of it are bringing a sense of tranquillity and concentration. Blue is highly recommended in the bathroom or bedroom as it lowers blood pressure and stress.

Orange, a combination of two warm colors, goes perfectly in playrooms, home gym, and others alike. Orange provokes enthusiasm and energy, for contrasting cold colors and its shades are perfect for the bathroom or the bedroom. Velvet is sophisticated and goes perfectly in the living room. If you find all these too complicated, you can always go with white as it fits with everything.

Change the furniture

Another thing you can do to freshen up your interior design is change the furniture. You do not necessarily need to change everything, rather a few pieces and maybe think in terms of rearranging them. With a couple of fresh and new pieces, your home will look entirely different. Choose the color wisely, make some contrast with the walls yet not too drastic. Go for lighter shades, for example, if the walls are red maybe try some pink or white, or if you have white walls, go for something similarly warm yet a bit stronger like cappuccino or brown.

Make sure you have enough space in your living room. Living rooms are the place where we interact with people and spend a lot of our time. For example, you can always go for a big sofa and a square like a coffee table or you could try armchairs with one on each side of the sofa and a round table. This will make for a more intimate and closer atmosphere when you are sitting with friends, no wonder King Arthur preferred a round table over a square one.

For the kitchen, you might want to try bar stools and a smaller dining table, as the bar stools are perfect when having guests around. Also, do not forget cushioning, the more the better as it will create a pleasant and warm feeling.

The Lights

Nothing can make the atmosphere like proper lights. There is a reason why open working spaces have a lot of windows and a lot of light around as opposed to dancing clubs and casinos. Light affects the mood similarly to color. For example, sunlight directly is linked to your general behavior as it triggers the release of hormones for joy and energy. Lack of sunlight is often associated with melancholy and even mild depression. The more sunlight you can get in your home the better.

If not, try light bulbs imitating the natural radiation of the sun, and avoid the ones reminding you of a hospital or dentist. You can also try the ones which change color depending on the room’s temperature or by remote. Have lamps, as you can darken the room yet have a bit of light when you need a more romantic ambiance.

The more plants, the better

You probably have heard of this quite often, and the reason is simple; plants do change the look of your home dramatically. If you want your home to look more lively, have plants. They not only decrease stress levels but clear the air of pollutants making the room fresher and they even help your concentration according to the newest studies. There is even a difference between real and fake ones, and obviously, always go with the real ones.


By decoration, there is a wide scope of things you could try. Pictures around the house are known to make your home look beautiful and extraordinary. You could also try wood, exposed wood gives the home a more rustic and warm looking nature. The best way is to pick a kind of genre, such as a vintage farm-looking ambient, retro ’60s, or maybe industrial minimalism. Depending on what you choose, depends on the decoration you’ll go for.


Often neglected and left behind, curtains have been an inseparable part of every home for centuries. Curtains should go with the type of furniture you picked and the color of the walls. You could try some big and heavy french style curtains with rich and bright colors, such as velvet. You could go with shades in your kitchen and blinds in your office. For the bedroom, maybe drapes, depending on how big the windows are. They not only look great but also give you an additional sense of security and intimacy when needed.

Your perfect home just steps away from where you’re standing, and you have the chance to make it perfect. These suggestions will assist you in creating a pleasant ambiance in your house, making it your favorite spot to spend your time.


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Author: Maja Markovski

Maja Markovski

A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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