6 Slow Interiors To Inspire You (Part II)

1. The bathroom can also be slow. And for a large number of people, it can be a beneficial step to save space. We declutter, we keep the essentials, we limit the colors and we stay on warm shades to warm a room that is too often cold.
Here the set is beige, the accent color is brown and to keep it practical, we have 2 baskets in natural fibers for dirty laundry for example.

2. Less design, more decorative, the use of the screen. We kept this idea for people who cannot or do not want to drill through the walls of their room. The screen allows you to decorate vertically without touching the wall.

3. The little detail that we like in this slow interior is at the bottom of the picture. The living room is open and it is highlighted by a platform. She doesn’t have to be very tall. It is distinguished by the change of coating. The message in raising the living room is pretty clear. User-friendliness goes above the rest. We also find this idea with the round coffee table which offers the same comfort to everyone, no matter where you are sitting.

4. Are these slow interiors inspire you? Here we have decor made up of vegetation. Even if we use less than in an urban jungle interior, we can still put greenery. Here the shrub replaces the tropical plant. The shrub may have a more local origin than a plant that usually grows 9000km from France.

5. Finally, here, a setting that soothes us a lot. Natural and soft materials. Plants, but not too many. Natural light… A certain simplicity emanates from this interior. Like what, simplicity can be an asset! 

6. We have already devoted an article to invisible storage that is forgotten. No handles, no visible hardware. Simple and effective shapes. This gives a room a decidedly modern style and gives you ample storage space most of the time. Here the storage incorporates natural wood for a warmer whole and the niche is an invitation to sit down, to get away a little to recharge your batteries.


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