6 Decorating Ideas for Gourmet Spaces

Cooking and welcoming people. If these are the things you most enjoy doing in life, then you need a gourmet space in your home. This is the perfect environment to combine these two pleasures.

But before you start planning your space it is important to understand the concept of the term “gourmet”, that word of French origin that has been so successful. The term refers to a style of cuisine more elaborate, refined and that meets more refined tastes concerning the quality of the ingredients and the visual presentation of the dishes.

Gourmet” is also associated with the judicious and artistic way of preparing food and drinks, and also with the pleasure of cooking and enjoying a meal with loved ones. But how can all this interfere in the setting and decoration of an environment? If you want to create a gourmet space, you need to privilege this concept when choosing equipment, furniture, and decoration. A common mistake is to believe that cooking and gourmet are the same. They are not. The main difference between them is the setting up of the environment that must be planned so that it is possible to cook, welcome and interact with people in the same place. What is not always possible in a traditional kitchen.

At this point, you must be thinking that creating a gourmet space is very expensive. Ledo mistake. Gourmet spaces have nothing to do with crazy and unrealistic projects. They can and should adapt to every type of taste and budget. The gourmet spaces can be external, with barbecue grills, stove and wood oven or internal, often integrated into the kitchen itself. Or, if you have a spacious kitchen, you can turn it into a gourmet space. The decorating style of gourmet spaces is also at the owner’s taste. It can be modern, rustic, sophisticated, clean. As you wish.

Check out the following photos and inspiring tips for setting up the gourmet space of your dreams:








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Author: Renata Kralevska


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