6 Contemporary Wooden Houses That Will Make You Dream

Modern Wooden Houses

For some time now, wood has become increasingly popular building material for the construction of new houses or for renovation.

Durable, versatile, economical, and full of charm, it gives free rein to its image in terms of architecture. Today, we, therefore, suggest that you discover some houses with particularly successful architecture, all of which have in common the fact that they put wood first.


A Contemporary House Like a Cabin in the Woods

To begin, we suggest you discovering the first selection of wooden houses which caught my attention with their original and current style. We especially liked the perfect mix between modern architecture and the cabin style of these houses.

In these different examples, we can see that wood has many advantages. It makes it possible to create homes with a unique style as it is flexible. It also very easily supports being mixed with other materials such as aluminum. Finally, it brings an undeniable charm to these different achievements.

The first house we selected is undoubtedly distinguished by its resolutely contemporary architecture. Combining the warmth of wood and the very graphic side of aluminum, this achievement clearly makes us want to sit on the terrace to enjoy the surrounding nature.


Then we loved the next house with its style inspired by Canadian tents. On 3 levels, this giant cabin presents a very refined architecture. We especially liked its warm side and the fact that it blends perfectly into its environment without distorting it.

Finally, we invite you to discover a very minimalist house in which wood, the only decorative element, has created a cozy and bright atmosphere. The large glass surface of the gable provides all the light necessary to make this contemporary cabin dream home.


A Wooden House in the Spirit of Seaside Houses

After contemporary houses, we now invite you to discover a series of dream houses that evoke the seaside. They will allow you to escape and discover all the flexibility of wood in construction.

By the sea, wood is undoubtedly the most interesting material to use. Indeed, adapted to sea spray by applying the adapted treatment, it will give a real holiday side to your place of life. To start, we chose to present to you a first beach house made entirely of wood. From walls to roofs, wood is everywhere. We especially loved the patina that the sea air gave to the facade.


Then we loved the very current and minimalist style of the next house. Again, the wood has aged naturally and contrasts wonderfully with the lighter wood used inside.

Finally, the following wooden house caught my attention because of its very modern architecture. In order to give a ‘beach house’ feel to the house, the architects had a good idea of ​​using a wood species reminiscent of tropical woods.


Wood inspires many more beautiful creations than others. And would you choose wood for your home?


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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