6 Beautiful Inspiration Of Blue Bedrooms

Praised for its soothing properties and enveloping aura, blue is the ideal shade to adopt in a bedroom. Displayed on a single or several sections of walls, at the head of the bed or in a niche, punctuated on bed linen, a lamp, or a few cushions, blue declines its myriad of shades to satisfy all desires. 

Which blue to choose for an adult bedroom?

Choose the right shade. This is the first step to successfully decorating a blue bedroom. Among the extremely wide shades enjoyed by this tonality, two families can be distinguished: that of dark blues and that of light blues. Versatile and easy to adopt, light blue adapts to both minimalist and seaside atmospheres. Long and unfairly associated with children’s rooms, pastel blue is getting a second wind as it has soothing qualities perfectly suited to our needs for timeless sobriety.

For more assertive tastes, blue also comes in pronounced tones: midnight blue, royal blue, navy blue, duck blue, petrol blueKlein, or Majorelle. While appropriate for contemporary blue bedrooms, these shades are still less manageable than their watered-down counterparts.

What colors to associate with blue in a bedroom?

Alternately subtle and intense, the atmosphere of the blue room is above all determined by the hue with which it is associated. If light blue and white seem to be the perfect combo, this one readily accommodates a mineral color scheme for extra character: taupe, beige and gray top the list. Same score for the more sustained blues. In short, all the blue tones have the gift of agreeing with the whole neutral, natural and timeless palette. The most ambitious can try the combinations of blue and greenblue and yellow, or even blue and pink, for a result that is alternately poetic and distinguished. 

How to decorate a bedroom with little touches of blue? 

If the blue paint and the blue wallpapers hold the top of the poster to dress the walls, the small decorative accessories are not left out, quite the contrary. Light blue rugsdark blue velvet cushions, and pastel blue bed linen are enough to inject a dose of softness into this room that demands it so much.

Here are our most beautiful blue bedroom inspirations:











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