5 Stunning Metallic Bathroom Wall Designs

If you’re concerned that your bathroom interior lacks a genuine wow factor then introducing a metallic style might just be the perfect solution. Wall designs with a metallic style have a standout quality which can really bring an interior to life. Metallic wall designs are particularly well suited to modern bathroom decors. You don’t have to cover the entire wall in a metallic design either as sometimes less is more and a small metallic feature is all that is required to really transform a bathroom. Take a look below if you’re looking for some metallic bathroom inspiration.

1. Metallic Mosaic Strip Feature

Although metallic designs are usually created with the use of grey colours this doesn’t always have to be the case, as proven by this bronzed metallic feature. What is particularly interesting about this design is that the metallic mosaics have been used to complement natural stone wall tiles opposed to plain porcelain or ceramic. The contrast of styles works really well in this shower area.

2. Shower Wall Feature

Maximising the available space from a style perspective is a key component in creating a well-balanced and stylish bathroom design. The curved wall would have looked fine with just a plain covering but this metallic mosaic feature creates a stunning focal point and matches perfectly with the neutral colours which surround it. Metallic wall tiles certainly produce a fresh and vibrant appearance in bathrooms.

3. Sink Surround

This design proves that even something as simple as a metallic sink surround can provide walls with a distinctive look. The glossy element when light reflects off the surface of these tiles is another unique factor. This wall feature matches superbly with contemporary applications including white sinks and chrome handles. It could even be incorporated within a smaller bathroom, en suite or wet room.

4. Classic Chrome Metallic Wall

The mosaic pattern in this chrome wall tile is accentuated further by the metallic finish. Even if you use just a small number of metallic tiles this can provide a lot of style and it will also be more cost effective than tiling the entire wall space. This modern feature will introduce a unique style which will contrast extremely well with standard finish tiles. Matching these tiles with black and white colours for a chromatic feel is also recommended.

5. Patterned Metallic Tiles

These patterned metallic tiles have been combined with plain wall tiles to create a trendy contrast. This contrast of elements introduces a truly unique look to this bathroom shower area. The pattern of the tile has been accentuated by the metallic finish and thus provides a style which really brings this particular area to life.

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Author: Maja Markovski

Maja Markovski

A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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