5 Easy Steps To Beautiful & Functional Small Bathroom

If you are dealing with lack of space in the bathroom, and you are wondering how to decorate your small bathroom, we are here to help you. We present you 5 easy steps that will help you to decorate your small bathroom, and make it beautiful and functional, even if it is in the modest size.

1. Purity and simplicity

This is perhaps the most important advice, no matter how trite it sounds. The clean and tidy bathroom seems at times more spacious than the one in which everything is on display. In her small bathroom need to place only things you use every day. Towels, brushes and toothpaste, soap, laundry basket, shower curtain, shampoo, shower gel and other cosmetics. All this must be constantly at hand – close to where you use it.

2. Light To The Maximum

In most cases, the standard scenario of lighting in small bathrooms is limited to using a single source of artificial light. This is a big mistake because the dimly lit room is perceived by the senses, as much smaller and closer than it actually is. Strong and quality light is able to literally transform the modest size of the bathroom, making it look more comfortable, spacious and clean. Make sure that each of the main functional areas sufficiently illuminated. If possible, place the two light sources on both sides of the mirror over the sink.

3. Easy Access

One of the main enemies of the small bathroom are bulky furniture with deep drawers and shelves. If you want to own a spacious and comfortable bathroom, it is better to minimize the number of these elements, or completely not to use them. The equipment for small bathroom should make access to cosmetics, towels and other things as easy as possible. This means that it is better to set to the narrow wall shelves or separate containers / baskets.

4. Visually Enlarge

Improving the interior of a small bathroom can be facilitated, if visually expand the space. This will achieve with the combined furniture – compact, doing the several functions and not take up much space. Mirrors and glossy surfaces even create the illusion of a large space, especially if to them is added better lighting which is reflected from their surfaces. If you are in phase of renovation, select tiles with irregular length and arrange them horizontally – this is another trick to visually expand the space, that works well.

5. Personal Comfort

Perhaps aesthetically beautiful interior of a bathroom is not as important when you use the room early in the morning, preparing for the day. On the other hand, comfort and stylish interior bathroom has influence to us and lifts our mood. Putting a little fluffy rug on the floor, replacing the ordinary curtain with such fabric, the choice of large soft towels with beautiful colors and patterns – these little things will noticeably increase comfort in your small bathroom. Use accessories that reflect your personality, raise the tone and mood. These simple techniques will make your bathroom incredibly cozy and comfortable.



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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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