5 Desk Lamps To Illuminate Your Work/Study Table

Most of us say goodbye to the summer holidays, until next year and we have to return to the routine, prepare to go back to school or university, and optimize our work corner as much as possible if we have to do it from home.

Therefore, it is essential to have all the elements that facilitate this very unappetizing task after the summer break and in addition to a good chair or a suitable table, we have to take into account the lighting .

The first option is also the best-seller on Amazon, this LED gooseneck lamp, with a minimalist style in white and a rectangular silhouette, which among its characteristics has 10 different brightness levels, a 30 or 60-minute timer, and even memory function.

In addition, it has a USB slot that allows us to even charge the mobile phone while we use it. 

Another of the best-selling desk lamps on Amazon, in fact, it has its black recommendation label, is this LED lamp with rounded silhouettes with pen and phone holder included.

It also has a USB to recharge the mobile or whatever we need and three intensities of light and brightness, in addition, we can orient it as we want thanks to its 360º rotation. 

A third of the options have a more traditional gooseneck look thanks to its articulated body to hook to the desk table or a shelf on the shelf if we feel like it. It is an LED lamp with three brightness modes and up to ten levels of intensity in the light, to fully adapt to our needs.

We found it on sale today on Amazon.

With a more youthful and even retro design, perfect for desks for the little ones in the house or teenagers, we have this table lamp with LED lights, three different modes, and up to 10 brightness levels in pastel tones.

The classic and rounded silhouette has modern details such as 360º adjustable rotation, the fully articulated body, and the base to support the phone. 

Finally, with vintage and Nordic style design that combines white metal with a natural wood body, we have this articulated, height-adjustable gooseneck that we can combine perfectly with any type of decoration (it does not clash even in a work corner improvised in the living room).


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