4 Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Home With Rattan

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Are you looking for a sustainable and stylish material to incorporate into your interior design? Rattan could be a top contender. Rattan is a naturally renewable type of palm that grows in Africa, Asia and Australia. It’s becoming an increasingly popular material in the home décor sphere since it’s much easier to harvest than timber and it’s simple to transport. Light, durable and beautiful, rattan is an excellent option you should consider when styling your home. If you’re wondering how to integrate this outstanding material into your home, let’s take a look at four stylish ways to decorate your home with rattan.

1.Dining Sets

Rattan dining sets make an incredible statement. They are warm and timeless while also boasting amazing durability levels. They’re flexible, versatile and low maintenance. Your dining room table is inevitably going to undergo a lot, from hot plates to wine spills to kids’ paint nights. As a result, you need a dining room set-up that can handle everything life throws at it.

2.Outdoor Furniture

Whether you’re living in a charming bungalow with a back deck or a high-rise condo with a balcony, rattan furniture can help you turn any outdoor space into a dreamy oasis. Rattan’s natural elegance brings a charming and rustic aesthetic. The material is also extremely durable, meaning it will withstand various weather conditions – such as extreme heat, sun or rain – without losing its aesthetic appeal or functionality. Even when the furniture does get some water or stains on it from the outdoor elements, you can easily wipe it down and it will look good as new. What more could you ask for in outdoor furniture?

3.Bed Frames

Given that we spend roughly one third of our lives sleeping, a great bed frame is an incredibly worthwhile investment. If you’re looking for a bed frame that combines comfort and style with practicality, then you need to go for a rattan bed frame. The headboards typically feature elegant, rounded corners for stunning, timeless design. Plus, the strength of the material means your mattress won’t be wobbling and you won’t be hearing creaking or squeaking every time you shift around in your sleep.


Who says shelving has to be boring and basic? When you opt for rattan shelves, you’ll find that the reality can be quite the opposite. Not only do rattan shelves add an airy, boho aesthetic to your walls, but they are incredibly sturdy. Whether you’re hoping to put yours in the living room, bathroom or kitchen, you’ll find that these fabulous shelves can withstand anything you throw on them.

Eco-friendly, durable, stylish, timeless – these are just some of the words to describe the stunning material of rattan. Now is the time to integrate rattan into your home décor in some way or another. Whether it’s in your dining set, your outdoor furniture, your bed frame or your shelving units, you’re sure to find that this lightweight, beautiful material will brighten up your home in no time.


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Author: Maja Markovski

Maja Markovski

A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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