Make Your Home Warm and Attractive- 21 Sleek Interior Design Ideas with Rattan

Rattan is a plant of the type of climbing plants that grows in the tropical forests of the Far East. Can reach up to hundreds of meters, and are among the Eco-friendly materials such as raw material that recovers itself very quickly.

It is strong and stable, and exceptionally easy, which is one of the reasons for its use in equipping terraces, gardens and weekend houses. However, today it is increasingly finds place in the interior design of the space as a material for chairs, stools, tables and decorative items. Because of the low weigh,t rattan furniture can easily be displaced in the room, and as material, rattan can be combined with other materials to fit more interior styles.

The area where prevailing rattan furniture should not have too much detail, it is desirable to have colors in the space, although there are cases where it fits in perfectly neutral and natural colors. Maintaining of the rattan furniture is simple, and for this purpose is commonly used simple and natural soft fabrics, moistened with water.




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