22 Insanely Ingenious Parenting Hacks and Fun Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy In The Cold Winter Days

If you have already seen our previous post of 21 of The Most Insanely Genius Hacks That Every Parent Must Know, now here is a part two. In the cold winter days it is always hard to keep you kids at home, and every parent is trying to find some creative and fun activities to keep them busy during the day.

So, if you are looking for some fun and interesting ideas how to keep you kids busy all day, we are here to help you. In this motivational post, you will see some inspiring examples of fun kids games and activities. That way they will be busy all they, and they will not feel stuck in the home.

On the other side, you will spend a time with them, teaching them a lot new interesting things. The crafts/activities are simple enough for the kids to do much of on their own, so you can make dinner or tidy up or fold laundry and watch some movie. So, see our collection and find the best fun for your kids for this winter.

Make a town for Lego toys from cardboard

Teach kids about the plant xylem with this dyed flower experiment

Microwave Ivory soap to make an insane huge soap soufflé for playing

Take advantage of cold weather by making ice bubbles

Enter fun in all activities

Make cardboard car

Set up a “spider web”

A refrigerator box becomes a slide

Make ice cube castle

Plastic bottle bowling

DIY Portable rock climbing wall

Make felt goldfish

Toilet paper tube binoculars

Feed the birds

Make these easy DIY tents

Help them to learn math easily with flower number games

Learn to tie their shoes with this cute craft.

Teach them to make bottle rocket

Use slotted discs to make building

Make camp-in trip

DIY laser maze

Target golf game


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