21 The Most Brilliant Winter Hacks That Everyone Must Know Before The Winter Comes

Step by step, the winter is almost here. With the winter comes as the cold weather and snow also. Many people love the winter and enjoy in the snow. Winter is beautiful time of the year, but it often comes with a lot stress to daily life that just shouldn’t be there. For that reason, to make your life easier and to reduce the everyday stress in the winter, we made one collection of various winter hacks, just to help you to survive this winter without problems and difficulties.

The following hacks and tips are easy and simple but they will make a big difference in your every day life. They will help you to cope with the snow and cold of the easiest possible way. If you try to use some of these hacks, you will simplify your life in the winter, and it will be your favorite time of the year. Just find out how to help yourself, and you will enjoy this winter in the snowy and cold weather.Β Check out this truly amazing collection and learn the best winter hacks that everyone must know them to be prepared for the winter. Enjoy!

Place a sheet of tin foil against the wall behind your radiator and it will reflect heat back into the room, instead of having it absorbed into the wall

Stuck in the snow? Use kitty litter or your car’s floor mats to get traction and get yourself out of a ditch or slippery situation

Prevent an icy windshield with vinegar

Cut out wool insoles for extra warmth

Absolutely practical solution

Are your boots making a mess on your shoe rack?: Cut up pool noodles and shove them in your boots, it’ll make them stand straight for easier storage

Or use wine bottles

DIY Boot Tray- It not only looks pretty, it’s perfect for catching snow and ice.

Use pipe insulation to fill gaps below doors

Vacuum seal summer clothes for next year

Use balm on cracked hands

Make your own instant hand warmers in 5 minutes

Add a little extra insulation with thick bubble wrap over the windows. They’ll still let the sun shine through

Do your wipers stick to your windows? Keep them up in the air when you’re parked and cover them with old socks

Use a lighter and your key to thaw a frozen lock

Let a hot shower warm and humidify your house

A CD case can work as an ice scraper in a pinch

Use a razor to shave the pills off your hoodie and to make it look new again

Add short screws to the bottom of your old runners to avoid slipping on ice and snow when you take the dog for a walk.

Store scarves in a clear plastic shoe bag

Recycle sweaters into mittens


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