Top 17 of The Most Helpful and Genius Hacks for Extra Storage in Your Small Bedroom

We are always looking to find a little more storage space in our homes. Especially in the bedroom, the storage plays really big role. That’s why it is always good to know some helpful hacks and tricks for extra storage ,that will change your life and will change the look of your bedroom.

Knowing some tips and hacks you will stop the mess in your bedroom, and every time it will be clean and well organized. For that reason we made one research, and we found some interesting and cheap bedroom storage hacks that will make your life easier. Using these hacks, you will get rid of the mess in your bedroom, and you will have more free time for yourself. All of these hacks are simple and cheap and they will take just a little from your free time. Check out this collection and find the right ideas to stop the mess in your bedroom.

Install floating shelves

Desks and dressers can also float

Replace the nightstand with shelves

Or use wall-mounted bedside shelf

Great solution for the corner: Hang some hangers

Opt for the clever storage around the bed

Use every corner of the space

Use a mix of storage kinds

 You can even make storage bench

Turn old drawers into stackable shelves

From stool to bedside locker

Make a low-profile hanging laundry hamper

Make space saving PVC storage rack

Create extra storage under your bed

Suspended tables can create an illusion of space

Make hidden floor storage

Hang towels and things on the back of your door


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