Top 17 Of The Most Insanely Clever Christmas Hacks That Everyone Must Know Them

The following month reminds us all of the most adorable holiday in the year. This is the right time to start to preparing for the Christmas party. You need to start thinking about your home decorations, your lovely Christmas tree, the presents, the party. This year try to make perfect Christmas party that no one will forget it.

Christmas decorations play the major role at this holiday. If you add some interesting and beautiful Christmas decorations, all your guests will be delighted and amazed. This year spice up your party with amazing DIY decorations. It is good when you know some hacks and tricks that will make your job easier. For that reason we made this collection of Top 17 of The Most Insanely Clever Christmas Hacks That Everyone Must Know Them. Here you will find some inspiring hacks that will help to prepare for your favorite holiday. So, check out our fascinating ideas and start to work. Have fun!

Only for the adults: Christmas tree made out of JELLO SHOTS

Add a festive touch to brownies or fudge by baking them in cookie cutters

Just a simple burlap garland will spruce up any Christmas tree

Have a broken umbrella? Spray paint the frame white and twist twinkling lights around the arms for an instant holiday lighting fixture

Got a pile of books and no where to put them? No worries, turn your “mess” into a holiday statement

Glue two candy canes together to make easy place card holders

Pretzel rings, Fruit Roll-Ups, and frosting are an easy way to make delicious snowman cookies

Or you can make amazing Santa strawberries

Spice up your Christmas centerpiece with peppermint candies around the candles

Make a special holiday napkins easily

Make A Christmas tree from chocolate bars

Old Saran wrap or aluminum foil containers will make great gift boxes for cookies

Simple lights hanger made out of cardboard

Store your delicate ornaments perfectly for the next year

Making gingerbread cookies? Turn them into ornaments that will last for years with three coats of varnish

Wrap Christmas lights around a hanger to keep them from getting tangled

Use plastic cups to neatly store your ornaments


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