20 Stupendous Southwestern Swimming Pool Designs That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

What is the ultimate form of luxury in your home? It is the first thing that everybody notices in one of those luxurious estates’ showcases – the swimming pool. But not just any type of swimming pool. In this case, we’ll be exploring the Southwestern swimming pool designs that goes great with the earthen-style look of the Southwestern residences that are typically found in remote and desert areas. What is better than a swimming pool in a hot desert climate? Not many things I reckon.

Welcome to a new collection of outdoor designs in which we’re going to focus our attention on 20 Stupendous Southwestern Swimming Pool Designs That Will Make Your Jaw Drop.  Take a deep breath and jump straight into the photos below. They are going to take your breath away with their extraordinary designs and even more with the views that they offer. Once you’re done, you can connect them with the rest of the outdoor areas from the showcase of this style where you’ll see the Southwestern deckporch, patio and landscape designs. Enjoy!

1. Pass Residence

2. Casa Lluvia Blanca

3. Sefcovic Residence

4. Palomino Residence – Phoenix

5. Siesta Key Santa Fe


6. The Brown Residence


7. Rancho Nuevo

8. Santa Barbara Old Adobe

9. Black House (Steinman Renovation)

10. Villa Retreat in The Boulders Resort Community

11. Whisper Rock Residence

12. The Desert Oasis Pool

13. Southwestern Swimming Pool

14. Sunrise Peak View

15. Southwest Contemporary 645

16. Palo Alto Hills Residence

17. Southwestern Pool

18. Palm Desert Residence

19. Southwestern Swimming Pool



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Author: Fidan Jovanov

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