20 Sensational Farmhouse Swimming Pool Designs You Must See

There are only so many things that your home’s outdoor areas can give to you without going for something wild. Something as wild as a private swimming pool in your own backyard. The farmhouse swimming pool is the pinnacle of the outdoor appeal that any farmhouse can offer with its outdoor spaces. But this idea is not as far fetched as one might expect. If you’ve got the space at your disposal, you can be the happy owner of one too. It doesn’t have to be the biggest, nor the fanciest.

Welcome to a new collection of outdoor designs in which we’re going to show you 20 Sensational Farmhouse Swimming Pool Designs You Must See. It really can’t get any better than having your own swimming pool in the back of your home, can it? Take a look at these awesome designs and you’ll come to the same conclusion, but don’t forget about the rest. We’ve featured all of the outdoor areas of the farmhouse home in our latest showcase, including the  porchdecklandscape and patio. Enjoy!

1. Farmhouse Swimming Pool

2. Nkanyi House

3. Poolside Sitting Area

4. Bellaire Farmhouse


5. Little Magothy River Contemporary Farmhouse, Annapolis

6. Modern Farmhouse – Houston

7. Farmhouse Swimming Pool

8. Ridgefield Barn

9. A Pool With A View

10. Surrounded by nature

11. Swimming pool, pavilion and fireplace in Warrenton, VA.

12. Modern Farmhouse

13. St. Helena Residence


14. Ashwood Barn House

15. Bennett Valley Pool House

16. St. Helena Home 2

17. Farmhouse Pool

18. Southampton Village


19. Marietta Modern Farmhouse

20. Farmhouse Estate


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Author: Fidan Jovanov

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