16 Amazing Farmhouse Deck Designs That Will Serve You Forever

Building a deck in your backyard, garden or on your porch can do wonders for the outdoor appeal that your home has to offer. A farmhouse deck can be utilized for pretty much anything you can think of. It can be your party pad for the summer or you can use it as a place to comfortably accommodate your family for an evening barbecue. The possibilities are endless and making a choice is not easy either with all of the possible things that you can do in your outdoor areas, so let us help you.

Our goal is to inspire you with creative ideas and designs that might grow on you. So, take a look at the following collection of 16 Amazing Farmhouse Deck Designs That Will Serve You Forever. We’ve compiled a list of awesome farmhouse deck designs that are going to give you plenty of creative ideas about your outdoor areas. You can combine them with the designs you’ve seen in our recent collection showcasing 15 Irresistible Farmhouse Porch Designs You’re Going To Drool Over. Enjoy!

1. West Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg, CA

2. Farmhouse Deck

3. Home Sweet Ranch Renovation

4. Wirrig Home

5. Montecito Remodel

6. Hudson Valley Modern


8. Firebrand Street, Los Angeles

9. Omaga Flats House

10. Bozeman Farmhouse

11. Cedar Nursery, Cobham, Surrey

12. Miner’s Cottage II

13. Farmhouse Deck

14. Outdoor Paradise

15. Upper Napa Valley Residence

16. Modern Farmhouse


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