20 Remarkable Modern Hallway Designs That Will Inspire You With Ideas

The hallway is no longer just a path between the rooms in your home. A modern hallway can be so much more. It can get you in the right mood before you walk into a room just as much as it can be a relaxing space which you use frequently during the day.
But the hallway can also be more functional than just being a road. A well designed modern hallway will open up possibilities to create lots of storage space as well as display surfaces that you can decorate with valuable items that will catch the attention of whoever passes by them. The hallway can also be your library. There’s no doubt that there’s lots of unused vertical space in any hallway, so why not turn it into something useful such as storage and display for your books.

Welcome to a new collection of interior designs which will show you 20 Remarkable Modern Hallway Designs That Will Inspire You With Ideas. Just by looking at the designs that we have featured in this brand new collection you should be able to extract lots of inspirational ideas that can motivate you to create just the right design for your home. Combined with the rest of the designs that our recent showcase of the modern style has brought, including the modern kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, home bar, home office, kids’ room and staircaseyou have a massive database of ideas. Enjoy!

House in Holland Park

Balmain Residence – Glass Walkway

Eljin Construction of NY, Inc. – Downtown Loft

Modern Oak Hill Residence

Mount Tiburon

Bal House

Palo Alto Residence

Villa Polder, Gemert

Sandhamnsgatan 13

Haus W

Haus T – KPT Architekten

Haus S

Residence H – Exclusive Villa in Rietberg – Gütersloh

Portola Valley Ranch

Yan Residence

Council Crest Residence

Squamish Residence

San Francisco Mission District Renovation

Modern Hallway

Modern Hall


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