20 Absolutely Glorious Mediterranean Wine Cellar Designs You’ll Go Crazy For

Sometimes, storing all the wine in your home can’t be done by simply using a wine rack or two. If you are a passionate wine lover, then chances are you have lots of different wine collections that you like tasting every now and then with or without company. In that case, a simple wine rack will not suffice, especially if you want to create a separate wine tasting section in your home.
The solution? An entire cellar devoted to storing, displaying and tasting your favorite wines. It certainly does sound like a luxurious addition for the home because it is. Just like anything else of its style, the Mediterranean wine cellar design is shining with luxury and elegance unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we want to show you 20 Absolutely Glorious Mediterranean Wine Cellar Designs You’ll Go Crazy For. Check them out below because these designs are truly a sight that you need to see. There’s simply nothing more that can be told to describe the luxury and elegance with which they are built. They are too opulent even for the rest of the Mediterranean interiors in our showcase such as the hallway and staircase. Enjoy!

1. Natural wood, stainless steel and glass wine cellar

2. Mediterranean wine cellar

3. Wine cellar with solid wood and glass door and custom millwork

4. Florencia Model

5. 165 Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach

6. Santa Barbara

7. DC Ranch

8. Lafayette Wine Cellar

9. Calistoga Residence

10. Mediterranean Wine Cellar

11. Grand Prato Estate

12. Villa Ponton

13. Vaquero Spanish Revival

14. Mediterranean Wine Cellar

15. Low Country Riverfront

16. Tuscan style in California

17. Carmel Valley Italian Country Estate

18. Desert Retreat at Silverleaf

19. Newport Beach

20. 326 Bellaire Blvd.


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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