20 Graceful Mediterranean Hallway Designs That Will Overwhelm You With Elegance

It is very often that you’ll hear people talking about completely renovating their home but when they go into the details, something seems to always be missing. It is the hallway that most people ignore or seem to forget about when designing or renovating their home. Perhaps they feel that it is nothing more than just a passage between the rooms in their home and only look at it from the practical side, but that is a terribly wrong point of view. The hallway, especially the Mediterranean hallway that you’ll see in the photos below is an excellent opportunity to show off your creativity and style.
Besides fulfilling its main purpose of connecting your home, it can be your private art gallery where you can display your favorite pieces of art such as paintings and statues. You can also use it to display your family photos or if you’re short on storage, you can use the hallway to expand it.

This new collection of interior designs will show you 20 Graceful Mediterranean Hallway Designs That Will Overwhelm You With Elegance. There is a very simple goal behind today’s collection. We want to inspire you to understand that the Mediterranean hallway can be more than just a passage. Just like the designs that we’ve shown you in our recent collection of 16 Tremendous Mediterranean Staircase Designs That Will Make Your Jaw Dropthe ones you’ll see below are sparkling with luxury and elegance that will make your jaw drop. Enjoy!

1. Casa de campo de Portugal

2. ES Garbi Residence

3. Mediterranean Hallway

4. Contemporary Mediterranean Villa

5. Myatt Home

6. Fairbanks Ranch Estate

7. Los Altos Hills Haven

8. Los Cabos

9. Riatta Oaks Ranch

10. Silver Leaf Family Dwelling

11. Mediterranean Hallway

12. Houston Private Residence

13. French Farmhouse

14. Linda Isle Remodel

15. Custom Mediterranean Residence in Tampa

16. Ricks Circle Residence

17. Kim Scodro’s Desert Haven

18. French Country Modern

19. Houston Wooded Bayou Home

20. Coastal Mediterranean Residence


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