19 Delightful Contemporary Shower Design Ideas

If you have a small bathroom, the shower is an ideal solution because you will make maximum use of space. As the benefits of the shower, is significantly lower consumption of water, because in the cabin you will stay less time. Today in the shops you can find a variety of sanitary shower designs, which, besides being illuminated, and have hydromassagers, radio and other accessories for your phone and MP3 player.

When buying the shower, especially pay attention to the color of the glass. Clear glass, you will need to clean almost after every shower, and we recommend that you choose etched glass where the stains are invisible. But, the shower has some disadvantages, it is not a solution if you have a baby or you live at home with your parents, although the market and a lot of models with built-in seat, however, you can not bathe your baby inside, also, hand washing in a shallow bath tub is, put it mildly, an impossible mission. However, if you want to set shower in your bathroom, see our examples and find inspiration!


Image via Paul Crosby Photography


Image via Teri Fotheringham


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