18 Small But Attractive Living Rooms That Everyone Will Adore

To arrange the central space of the apartment in which we rest, entertain and socialize – which, in addition, has small dimensions- seems quite a challenge. Every failure is more visible when the room is smaller, and one wrong piece of furniture can impair the functionality of the whole. As it is a place where we spend a great part of our time daily with our family together or receiving guests, it is good to know how to make it bigger than it is and how to make better use of every centimeter. Therefore, for the beginning, it is necessary to know that the first secret of well-decorated small living room is the selection of furniture of the right size.

Always insist for elements that will give you the impression of spaciousness like white furniture, mirrors, horizontal lines, glass and metal accessories that reflect light (handles, lamps …). Save the space by instead of making a cabinet, you will opt for a shelves above the seating set or above the TV. Instead of setting the TV on shelf, you can put it on the wall and thus save more space. There are some simple ideas, and more inspiration for your small living room you will find below in our creative collection!


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