17 Super Small Living Room Designs That Are Worth Your Time

Creating a comfortable living space is always the most important aspect in the decorating of every home. We spend the most time in the living room resting, socializing, watching TV or simply spending hours with the family.

Equipping and decorating the living room of an average or super small dimensions, can be a very difficult and demanding job, so completing the same task in small living rooms is even more challenging. Among with the same theme of wall paints and bright pieces of furniture, it will add spaciouness to the room and refinement in the space. Darkly painted furniture can visibly narrow the room and close your view inside, instead of expanding it to the outside. Mirrors will provide a visual effect that can make an illustration of extra space. When the mirrors are organized to reflect certain things and parts of the room, they open and create more light, which leads to a wider ambience. Take advantage of the vertical space of your room to create an illusion of extra space. By adding high objects and decorative pieces, you can draw attention to the vertical space that will surely open the living room. These are some simple tricks that can help you to transform your small living space into spacious room!


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