18 Outstanding Contemporary Garage Designs You Must See

The garage is an integral part of any contemporary dwelling. Nowadays it is quite common for a household to have multiple vehicles and leaving them on the side of the street is not really an option. Besides, storing your vehicles in a garage is much more comfortable, both for your and for your vehicles. First of all, they’re never to hot from the sun or in winter, you don’t have to clear the snow of the roof and windows before you enter. However, the biggest reason why you need a garage is security.

Contemporary homes work well with garage designs because they’re not too constrained with specific shapes. A contemporary garage can be added as a part of the home itself or as a separate entity on the same property. Check out our latest compilation of outdoor designs in which we’re going to show you these 18 Outstanding Contemporary Garage Designs You Must See. Take a few minutes and explore these designs and then, if you’re in need of more contemporary inspiration, make sure to check out our recent compilation of 18 Awesome Contemporary Shed Designs That Will Surprise You. Enjoy!

1. HT Residence

2. The Wright House

3. San Miguel Residence

4. Boulevard House

5. Contemporary Garage


6. Vienna Contemporary

7. Contemporary Garage Style

8. Martis Camp 162

9. Windrush, Streatley

10. Contemporary Home Addition in Arlington, Virginia

11. The Shed

12. Tonka Bay Smart Home

13. Wave House

14. Private Residence-Evergreen, Colorado

15. Modern House

16. sakuramori house

17. Contemporary Garage

18. McLeod Residence


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Author: Fidan Jovanov

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