18 Irresistible Industrial Living Room Designs That Will Take Your Breath Away

The industrial interior design is perfect for lofts and apartments but it also works very well in houses, if done right of course. The reason why it is more popular among loft and apartment owners is because of the origins of the style. The first residences to have an industrial design were actual lofts and apartments converted from old factories and warehouses. This also is the origin of their very distinctive feature – bare red brick walls. I believe that the combination of bare brick walls with raw concrete and steel is what gives this style its characteristic charm. It gives it texture far more different from anything that the modern styles can offer.

Welcome to our latest collection of interior designs in which we have featuredΒ 18 Irresistible Industrial Living Room Designs That Will Take Your Breath Away.Β Check them out below and don’t forget to visit the rest of our collections of the industrial style that are a part of our most recent showcase, featuring interior designs of the industrial kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Find out what makes this style so unique and desirable among new but also existing homeowners. Enjoy!

1. The Pearl Loft

2. 533 Leonard 2A

3. Industrial Living Room

4. 675 Lafayette Ave Residence

5. Haus K.I.

6. Industrial Loft

7. Open plan industrial living room

8. Elliot Road Resience

9. Industrial apartment in Japan

10. Traditional Brooklyn Industrial Design

11. Industrial Interior in Tokyo

12. Industrial Brooklyn Loft

13. Matanzas Creek Guest House

14. Modern Industrial Living Room

15. Washington Square Loft

16. Industrial Interior

17. Mega House with Manhattan Views

18. Industrial Apartment in Madrid


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