17 Stunning Industrial Bathroom Designs You’ll Love

Designing the bathroom is never as easy as it seems like in the beginning. There is always something that won’t fit or match but careful planning can lower the amount of mismatches. However, when it comes to the industrial bathroom design, it gets even more difficult because most homes designed in this style are usually in locations that weren’t intended for residential purposes. This dictates the layout of the bathroom because of all the pipes. That can be overcome with careful planning as well, although it may prove to be costly. The goal of this collection is to show you that the industrial bathroom is not something strange, on the contrary, it can be as elegant as any other style.

Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we are going to show youΒ 17 Stunning Industrial Bathroom Designs You’ll Love.Β Check out the designs that we have featured in this collection and you might find yourself to be a fan of this style. If you already are a fan, then make sure you check out our recent collection that featuresΒ 20 Spectacular Industrial Kitchen Designs That Will Get You Hooked On This Style.Β Enjoy!

1. Industrial Bathroom


2. Park House

3. San Francisco Residence

4. Industrial Bathroom

5. Hardinge Road, Kensal Rise


6. Annandale Warehouse


7. Industrial Bathroom

8. Dow Street, South Melbourne

9. Storgatan 41

10. Fitzroy Loft

11. Unique Cube

12. Industrial Bathroom

13. Pyrite House

14. Warehouse conversion apartment London

15. Industrial Bathroom

16. Jurong West Central

17. Industrial Bath


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