18 Gorgeous Bathroom Mosaics That You Shouldn’t Miss

Select the mosaic technique for the tiles in your bathroom and you will not go wrong. There are so many interesting and unusual forms, that surely will attract your attention, and will transform every bathroom into beautiful oasis. You will be amazed and will want you to have mosaic tiles in some other corner of your apartment.

These tiles will radiate modern taste and good style in your bathroom. They can be set to the walls and the floor. These tiles are easy to manipulate and set up. Using mosaic tiles, can be covered the most inaccessible places, and rounded surfaces. So with a little effort, places that were hard to reach, can be well decorated with mosaic tiles, with ease. There are mosaics of different materials and colors. For its preparation can be used gold, silver, aluminum and other metals. They can also be combined mutually or with other materials. They can be even made of stained glass or stone. If you opt for a combination of several materials, your bathroom will be special place for utmost relaxation. Now check out below, and you will see some beautiful examples that will fascinate you for sure!


Image via Jeri Koegel Photographer


Image via Anthony Lindsey Photography


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