18 Exquisite Mediterranean Bathrooms That Will Show You What Perfection Is Like

The Mediterranean bathroom interior design is a really unique piece of art which can be used as a definition for the word perfection. This interior design style is very popular in the villas that are located around the Mediterranean Sea as well as many other luxury villas that can be located elsewhere. This doesn’t mean that only the very rich can afford it though. The Mediterranean interior design can be just as affordable as any other if done right. More examples of this can be seen in our recent collection of 16 Mesmerizing Mediterranean Kitchens That Will Inspire You.

Welcome to this new interior design collection of Mediterranean designs which features 18 Exquisite Mediterranean Bathrooms That Will Show You What Perfection Is Like. It is a new collection of fresh interior designs of luxury bathrooms that are a great way to get ideas from. Enjoy!

Sullivan Master Bathroom

Historic Hillsborough

Andalusia at Coral Mountain

Tabarka Installations

European Granduer

Spring Hill Farm

Todi Villa

Mediterranean Bathroom

Casa Bahia Serena

Casa Elar

Mediterranean Rock

Perla Lichi’s Own Home

Mediterranean Bathroom

Richard Lane


Sater Design Collection’s 6910 “Fiorentino” Home Plan

Bay Front Park Shore

Private Woodside Residence


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