18 Exceptional Rustic Kitchen Designs You’ll Enjoy Cooking In

The rustic kitchen interior design is a different story than most other kitchens. There are a couple of reasons for them being quite spacious and mostly made out of wood with natural wood texture. The reasons are quite simple and obvious. Most rustic residences are constructed on mountains, lakes or in the countryside where space isn’t really a problem. This results in them being quite spacious, while the natural environment such as the forests are the reason behind the wood construction and design of the entire residences. That’s why they’re called rustic anyways.

Welcome to the first collection of this showcase of the rustic design style which features 18 Exceptional Rustic Kitchen Designs You’ll Enjoy Cooking In. This collection is a great way to update your design book with some exceptional kitchen designs from the rustic design style. Enjoy!

Cozy Alpine Lodge

Woody Creek – Guest House

Nature’s Best

1709 Buckingham, Keller, Texas

Cross Point Cottage

Country house with a modern kitchen

Tradd Historic Residence

Shooting Star Cabins

Hudson Woods


Rustic Farm House

Stunning Rustic Kitchen

Colorful Mountain Retreat

Camp Run

Rustic Kitchen Renovation

Apex Mountain Dovetail Log Retreat

Rustic Kitchen



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