18 Beautiful Ideas For Modern Tiles In The Bathroom

The tiles are attractive and practical solution for covering and decoration of walls and floors in the bathroom. They are available in a huge range of different sizes, colors and patterns. There are available more types of tiles. When choosing a tiles for floor, should be careful not to have too smooth surface. Due to frequent spillage in the bathroom, smooth surface can be slippery and unsafe. Therefore the choice of tiles with texture can significantly help to prevent accidents.

If you are decorating a small bathroom, avoid large tiles, which have bold patterns, because in a small areas can not be repeated many times, and thus can be made visually smaller space. Generally, smaller tiles are beautiful solution in the bathroom, but you should know that maintenance is difficult due to the higher number of joints, which gather dirt and dust. In small bathrooms choose tiles with bright colors that will visually increase the space. Check out below and see some modern solutions for tiles in the bathroom!


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