18 Absolutely Amazing Pool House Designs That Will Fascinate You

Not everyone is lucky enough, or rich, to afford enjoying the pool in its own backyard. However, some people, even if they are not so rich, can their enjoyment to raise to a higher level. We present you some pools that are a picture of that. These pools have different style. They are modern, or you can not fit under any category. Often the pools can be imitation of the nature and perfectly fit into the architecture of the home. Some of them contain small waterfalls or lavish jets of water. But one thing is certain, they will provide you absolute relaxation and enjoyment with their own beauty.

If you want to design your own house with swimming pool, we are here to offer you a bunch of beautiful ideas of some astounding pool house designs. Here you can see many different designs of the pools and the houses, but all of them are fascinating and beautiful. Now take a look below, and see what we’ve got for you!


Image via Whit Preston Photography


Image via Peter Vanderwarker Photographer


Image via David Sundberg, ESTO


Image via Eric Roth


Image via Robert Benson


Image via Whit Preston


Image via Barry A. Hyman.


Image via Rob Karosis


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