17 Of The Most Awesome Eclectic Bathroom Designs

17 of the most awesome eclectic bathroom designs is a collection with which we want to give you an insight of the eclectic style which we find way underused, as well as way misused by people who have got the wrong definition of eclectic décor. So in order to prevent this style being used wrongly when it comes to eclectic bathroom design, we have made this collection for you to enjoy.

The eclectic style can be described as an equalizer of a lot of other styles. It shuffles the rule book, mixing and combining the old with the new, the luxury and the humble, the East and the West. The eclectic style invites you to fill up an area with all kinds of different objects which you love without having to worry about does their style match with the style of everything else around them.
But, one must not mistake the eclectic style as a free-for-all style. If you fill up a room with all kinds of different things at random that don’t match with each other you will not get an eclectic room, instead, you will get a mess. The liberty and leeway that make eclectic style so appealing can also make it tricky — you’ll need to be careful not to trip over the thin line between contrast and chaos.
When it’s done well, eclectic décor broadcasts your confidence in your own style yet still adheres to the fundamentals of good design. You don’t have to choose between profiles or periods as there is room for a range of favorites.

Lost Creek Residence Master Bath

Oz Architects

“Gaudi Submarine” bathroom

Freed Residence

Beautiful inspiring home of Abigail Ahern

31107 Coast Highway, Laguna Beach

Eclectic Bathroom

Provincetown, MA

Olive Mill



Eclectic Bathroom

Eclectic Bathroom

Eclectic Bathroom

naxxar townhouse

Elegance on the Lake

Atlanta/Buckhead Christmas Showhouse Interior


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