17 Marble Flooring Options For Every Part Of The Home

Marble is the metamorphosis rock formed by re-crystallization of limestone and marble dolomite. Natural beauty, variety of colors, easy to process, high gloss, etc, all that make the marble to be the most rewarding building materials. Marble slabs are often used for coating walls, floors, stairs. Main features of the marble tiles are long-lasting, durable and strong material, resistant to fire and water, easy to maintain, sensitive to certain chemicals and acids, and is available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

Marble slabs in the interior give the impression of wealth and glamor. Mostly are used on large areas in spacious and luxurious interiors. If the walls and floors are covered with marble, the space may seem too cold. So, you need to opt only for one option, if you use marble floor, then you should not use it in the walls. Consider adding a marble in your kitchen. It can be an alternative flooring option in your bathroom or dining room. Add a pinch of marble to your living space, or your hallway. If you would prefer to add a marble on the floor, the foyer is a great option. You can add an artistic floor to every room of your home, using marble. Marble flooring can add a sense of luxury in every space where is placed.

If you are still wondering whether to set marble floor in your home, take a look at the following examples and you will make your choice. Enjoy!


Image via Lisa Petrole Photography


Image via Jason Hartog Photography


Image via Jay Groccia


Image via Dan Arnold Photo


Image via Jim Bartsch


Image via Peter Margonelli


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